Your resource for the COVID-19 hospital protocols and procedures

Below are answers to most common questions we are receiving:

Are you open? Yes! We are deemed an essential business and we plan to continue to provide the care needed to support our clients and patients. At times we may have a more limited staff so we do ask for your patience when calling in to the clinic to ask questions or to make appointments. We will be operating normal business hours at this time: Mon-Fri 8am-5:30 pm and Sat. 8am-12pm.

What services are available? We are operating business as usual at this time which includes wellness visits(vaccinations and annual testing), sick visits, surgical and dental procedures and technician appointments.

What changes have you implemented to ensure a safe facility? As always, we have practiced strict cleanliness procedures at our hospital. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols. We are disinfecting any surface that a client or staff member may come in contact with including door handles, counter tops, and our credit card machine. As always we are washing our hands frequently. We do ask that all clients wash their hands or use any available hand sanitizer after interacting with staff or other clients.

We are limiting entry to the building. Please only enter after strictly instructed by our staff for your pet’s appointment.

How can I get my pet’s medication or food? When picking up medications or food we ask that you wait outside or in your car until the lobby is clear of any other clients. If you would like to pay over the phone for your pet’s medication or food you may do so and then call when you arrive. We can bring their prescriptions to your car for you so you do not have to enter the clinic.

How do I check in now? We have modified our check-in procedures to promote social distancing.

  • When you arrive at the clinic please call the front desk from your car.
  • Please be prepared to give a detailed history by phone to one of our nurses. They will also prepare an estimate for you and review that prior to entry into the clinic.
  • When an exam room is ready for you and your pet we will direct you when to enter the lobby and which room to wait in for the doctor.

WE ARE ONLY ALLOWING ONE CLIENT IN THE CLINIC AT A TIME. If any other family members come to the clinic with you we will ask that they remain in your vehicle.

We are asking people to alert us and not enter the building if…

  • You have traveled out of the country or been on a cruise in the past 2 weeks.
  • If you or anyone in your home is experiencing respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, or lethargy.
  • If you are infected with or know of exposure to COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks.

If any of the above applies to you please call to reschedule your pet’s appointment.

Can you help me with my pets needs if I cannot enter your facility? YES! Our staff is ready to assist you. Please call us and we can discuss options to ensure safe delivery of care to our patients without compromising the health of our staff or our valued customers.

Is my pet at risk of contracting COVID-19?

  • There are two documented cases of dogs in China who were cared for by an infected person. Those dogs tested positive for COVID-19, but NEVER showed ANY signs of illness.
  • Some diagnostic labs have validated a test for this virus. Part of the validation process is to run the test on patients. They have tested thousands of dogs and cats. All tested were negative. This is solid evidence that our pets are not a risk of illness, but it is not conclusive.
  • The CDC recommends that those infected with COVID-19 isolate themselves from their pets just as they would from other people. This is a precaution because there is still so much that is unknown about this new pathogen. It’s better to simply have someone else take care of your pets if you are sick.

We are all dedicated to continuing to provide the care that you have come to expect from us. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions at (630) 985-2777.

Stay safe and healthy out there!